Removing Redline Wheels replacing them with New redline reproduction Hot Wheel Parts .  Home of the best redline repro reproduction parts in the world.


Step 1. Insert the tip of a #11 exacto blade between the crack where the hub meets the back of the wheel.

Step 2. With the tip inserted slide the blade forward opening the crack. Most of the time it will pop off at this point.

Step 3. If it has not popped off then twist the knife forcing the wheel to pop off the inside hub 


Bearing Wheels

Step 1. First fold a piece of paper into a little square and insert it between the wheel and the fender. This will protect the paint when removing the wheel. Step 2. Now take an old fork and cut off the two outside prongs. Use the two inside prongs to pry the wheel off. Most of the time you can just grab a hold and pull it off (add a drop of 3in1 oil to the bearing before you remove your wheels, they will pop off easier and you will not have the danger of the bearing pulling off the axel).


Factory Pressed On Wheels

 These are factory Pressed on Wheels. The axel runs straight through the wheel and it is crimped on the end. They are near impossible to change due to the fact that you have to grind off the end of the axel to remove the wheel. One way to replace them is to take the car apart and install different axels.