Drilling out and installing

 Reproduction Rivets



Reproduction rivets serve as two functions. First, they aid in keeping the look of the original Redline after it has been restored. Second,  it aids in holding the car together.  

1. First you need to drill a small hole about 1/16" directly in the middle of the old rivet. Drill down just enough so the post of the reproduction rivet will allow the rivet to fit flush with the under side of the car. 

2. After the 1/16 hole has been drilled take a 5/32 drill bit. Make sure it is new and has a good cutting edge on the bottom. It is best to use a variable speed drill. This way you can drill out the rivet using very little speed. What you are really doing is peeling off the rivet, Not necessarily drilling it out. Drill just enough to take the top of the rivet off. You can tape off the bottom of the car only exposing the rivet head. This protects the bottom from getting scratched up buy the drill bit if it is to slip from the rivet head.

3. Once you have peeled the top of the rivet off  you should be able to pop off the bottom of the car.  Carefully pry it apart. I suggest that you start by using a new hot wheel and practice. You will get the feel of how much to pry without scaring the casting. Once the car is apart you can now start your restoration.

Putting It Back Together

Below you will find how to install the reproduction rivets. You will need one of our drill bits or a 1.55mm drill bit, Super Glue or Epoxy, and a set of our rivets.

You can polish these rivet with any metal polish you want to get the desired shine or sheen to match the age of your casting.



4. Now that you are ready to put the car back together make sure the repro rivet fits in the new hole you drilled. Once you have everything the way you want it, You can now epoxy it back together using epoxy. I use a small amount of JB Weld in the 1/16 hole in the center of the post. I like the quick dry better so you can hold the car together while it sets up. 


5. Now you should have a completed Restored Redline to Show off.




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